About Us

Are you having trouble finding the right cleaning company? Do you get one type of service one day and the next day you get another? Do you complain to your service provider and things improve for a while but soon thereafter service slowly starts to decline again? If this sounds like you…Than you’ve been looking for us!
Quality Assurance is everything when servicing our client’s. To us: Detail is Critical, Consistency is not an accident and Competence doesn’t just happen; one has to be vigilant with a plan, follow-through and quality oversight. All three of those aspects are our number one priority at Premier.
We’ve been serving Central New York with janitorial services for residential, commercial and industrial clients for over 20 years now! We specialize in medical cleaning, office cleaning and residential cleaning.
Our fully screened, trained and supervised staff take great pride in our customized cleaning strategies; and to know that the owner of Premier is often on-sight, is that little extra level of assurance you can rely on.
Our exclusive "One Touch" service ensures that restrooms, exam, treatment and procedure rooms attain and maintain a consistent level of A-One cleanliness.
Our “Clean My Desk Program” is a unique feature that allows particularly “busy” employees to get their work space that much needed, over due scrub down!
Another feature we offer that makes us a cut above the rest is our building and maintenance services. Minor maintenance issues like clogged drains, hanging pictures, changing light bulbs, patching and painting etc. are services we provide so you don’t have to look for a contractor…You’ll already have one!